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Juarez, Mexico November 2011

          On this mission trip to Juarez, Mexico that took place November 20-26, 2011, God blessed us in many different ways, and we’ve passed this blessing on to the people in the form of physical support and sharing God’s great love for the people of Mexico.  On this mission trip our team had a great opportunity to collaborate with our fellow missionary groups from Texas and Oklahoma, and 2 teams from Colorado.  We all came together from different states, with different ways of sharing the Gospel, however God’s love brought us close together and we worked, prayed, evangelized, and praised God in unity, as one group.

          Our main goal for our mission trips to Juarez, Mexico is to evangelize and share God’s love.  However, we evangelize not only using words, but also by showing our faith in our works.  As we had listed earlier on our “Current Projects” page, we had several physical projects that needed to be accomplished on this mission trip.  From our last trip in July of 2011 up to this mission trip, we were gathering finances and resources to cover two roofs and buy an enclosed trailer for our mission.  God has opened the hearts and pockets of the members from our church, the churches of our fellow mission teams, and all the other people that answered this calling for support to accomplish these projects.  God gave us the strength and ability to finish the work on both roofs while continuing to evangelize and bless the needy with food and supplies.  God seen our need, and through all of you, blessed us with a 6×12, tandem axle, enclosed trailer to deliver all the supplies to the needy people of Mexico.  Also, we had a minor issue with dust coming up off of the unfinished concrete floor inside of our missionary building.  God laid a desire on the hearts of a family from Alabama to supply and install tile on the floor in our missionary building.  This whole mission trip was a great testimony to all of us that when we put forth effort to achieve God’s calling, He is not far behind with His blessings and support.  “The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits.”(2 Timothy 2:6)  May God bless each and everyone that joined together for our compatible mission.  Dios Bendiga a Juarez! (God Bless Juarez!)

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